The Vernaccianera DOCG from Terre di Serrapetrona

€ 16,75

The only red sparkling wine with three fermentations, the result of the old farming tradition. Wine made from raisins is added to the base in winter.

Grape variety: 100% Vernaccia Nera
Harvest Mid October, manual selection of the bunches. Part of it is immediately vinified and placed in the cellar in natural drying at least 40%.
Vinification: first fermentation for 10-15 days in steel tanks with temperature 22 ° - 24 ° C, second fermentation in December January of the drying grapes, third fermentation, in spring.
Properties: Ruby red color with violet reflections, with persistent red foam. Characteristic fruity aroma of Vernaccia Nera. Lively taste, which beautifully balances the sweet residue.
Combinations: dish with cold cuts and cheese.
Tips: Serve in tulip glasses at a temperature of about 6-8 ° C