The Bandita from Mazzola

€ 22,50


Igp Marche Rosso

Montepulciano 33%, Sangiovese 33%, Lacrima di Morro
d'Alba 34%

Obtained from organic grapes and vinified naturally by spontaneous fermentation from indigenous yeasts, without clarification and filtering.

Bandita embodies the soul of the three most important native vines of the area: Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Lacrima.

The idea was to resume and enhance an ancient tradition and combine the best of these three vines in a single wine thanks to new technological solutions and the desire to create a wine with an international taste.

Expressing each grape variety to the maximum, enhancing it in a single wine that always gives the sensation of importance in an intertwining of ancient memories, elegance and modernity.

Handpick and vinify all three vines at different times and with specific vinifications to gather the essence from each one.

After fermentation and a first separate refinement, they are assembled and then continue the evolution in a single blend for at least 2 years. Bottle refinement follows.

"... Montepulciano with its strength and splendid complexity, Sangiovese with its elegance and Lacrima with its unique bouquet and spiced touché give life to a surprising wine with a great identity ..."

24 months in steel tanks on fine lees with continuous

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